Anti-Spam Policy

Last updated: 24 October 2014


Spam is unsolicited electronic mail (email). A Daily Quiz has a zero-tolerance spam policy.

Emails sent from A Daily Quiz

A Daily Quiz sends regular emails to it's members based on their stated interests. If you receive email from A Daily Quiz it is because you have opted-in to receive those emails, either directly on our website or via a third party website.


All emails sent by A Daily Quiz include a prominent unsubscribe link. To stop receiving emails from A Daily Quiz, simply click the link on the email and then the website button to confirm your request. We process unsubscribe requests as soon as possible, but please allow up to seven days for all emails from A Daily Quiz to stop.

Emails sent from third parties

A Daily Quiz may hire a third party advertiser to promote the A Daily Quiz website in email messages. These emails are sent by the third party to recipients who have opted-in to that third party. All third parties hired by A Daily Quiz are checked and monitored to make sure they comply with the same standards as A Daily Quiz.

Emails sent on behalf of A Daily Quiz members

A Daily Quiz may send email messages on behalf of its members. Members may not use this facility to send spam. Any members found sending spam via A Daily Quiz will have their membership suspended indefinitely.

Receipt of unwanted messages

If you receive an email message that you think is spam, sent from A Daily Quiz or sent on behalf of A Daily Quiz, please let us know the details using the contact methods below. We will then investigate the matter.

Further Information

If you have questions regarding this anti-spam policy, please contact A Daily Quiz by following this link: Contact A Daily Quiz

or by post:

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